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  What's the Easy Button?

Our experienced design team gets together and reviews your artwork and goes through our website templates and decides the best possible websites to compliment your paintings. This "Easy Button" is great because you don't have to do anything except send us your paintings and info and we do all of the rest....

Just send us an email with EASY in it and we'll take a look at your artwork when you send it in and we'll send you your websites shortly!

Click the Orange Add To Cart Button Below

  All for only $197*

*(Plus a $39/month for updating and promoting your site AND a NEW video for every 10 paintings you send us- starting 30 days after your purchase)

More about the $39/month updates Click Here



Get a Website plus a free:

Facebook Business Page + YouTube Channel (with video) + Blog



Here’s What You Get:

Your own personal customizable:

-          Website

-          Gallery page on your website with your paintings

-          Contact page

-          About the Artist Page where you can provide a description of yourself and your artwork!

-          News/Updates page with your painting updates or works in progress

-          An Opt in Box to start building your Customer Email List (Very Important)

-          Your Own Domain (i.e. www.MaryJones.com)

Maintenance of all of your websites where our team will:

-          Update all of your new paintings on a frequent basis on all of your websites

-          Add any news or updates to your websites for you

-          Update your Facebook Fan Page, blog, and YouTube Channel

-          Free web hosting

-          Brand new video for you every 10 paintings you send us!

PLUS as a Limited Time Bonus you Also Get for FREE a:

-          Blog designed by our expert blog designers

-          Facebook Fan Page (different then personal facebook page)

-          YouTube Channel

-          Video Starring Your Artwork         


What is all this going to do for you?

This complete website package will give you the online presence that you NEED. Why do you need these things?

-    There are literally millions of potential art buyers online right now that you can tap into with your new websites

-    MANY artists are not online yet, or don’t have their own website and you will be ahead of the ball game and look serious as an artist which is looked highly upon by interested art collectors, gallery owners, and students if you decide to teach

-    Having a professional website is going to give you a great place to send potential art buyers, friends, and family to look at your wonderful artwork

-    By having an opt in box on your website, you will be able to start collecting potential art collectors, friends, and other artists emails to start building your email list which is very important because the more people you have on your email list, the higher chances of people buying your artwork or seeing your new artwork

-   Your new facebook fan page will serve as a great site for all of your friends, fans, and family, and art collectors to like your page and grow your name on facebook.

-    By having a blog, YouTube Channel, website, and Facebook fan page, you will be connecting with people from ALL of those social media outlets, which puts your name and artwork in front of MANY more people then if you were to just have only a website, or only a blog, or only a facebook page

-   Having a video and a YouTube Channel is a HUGE deal, because YouTube is the second most popular and used search engine, just behind Google. So you DEFINITELY will benefit from being on YouTube with your painting videos. You will get a new video every 10 paintings you send us, so you will be having multiple videos on your channel to highlight your artwork in a very appealing video presentation with music and professional effects.

-   You’re going to be able to just PAINT and let us do all of the grunt work so you don’t have to as we maintain your websites with all of your new paintings, news, updates, and anything else you want to add to your sites.

-   You won’t have to worry about all of the complicated technical and very time consuming steps we go through to get all of your websites up and running, and maintaining a professional appearance that gallery owners, interested art collectors, friends, and family will be impressed by.

-    In a nutshell, all you have to do is do what you love, which is painting, and we’ll do all of the online stuff that you don’t have the time or knowledge for!


Here’s what you need to do next:

After you Click the Orange Add to Cart button, you are going to get:

-          A Customizable Professional Website

-          Your Own Website Domain

-          Maintenance of all of your websites

-          AND as an added bonus…

o       A Blog

o       A Facebook Fan Page

o       A YouTube Channel

o       A Video Starring Your Paintings


All for 1 Low Price of: $197 for your Websites, Hosting for 1 year, and a Domain, and $39/month starting in 30 days after your purchase for all of your website maintenance and updates.

Go right down below here and click on the Orange Add to Cart button and get your Professional Website and Also, for a limited time only, a free blog, Facebook Fan Page, YouTube Channel, and video today.


  All for only $197*

*(Plus a $39/month for updating and promoting your site AND a NEW video for every 10 paintings you send us- starting 30 days after your purchase)

More about the $39/month updates Click Here





Our team can only handle a limited amount of clients so if you want to get on board, I would do so now…

The extra blog, facebook fan page, YouTube channel, and video bonuses are only available until May 5th. After that, we are going back to our normal price with the website only.

Click the Orange Add to Cart button below and get started today!



All for only $197*

*(Plus a $39/month for updating and promoting your site AND a NEW video for every 10 paintings you send us- starting 30 days after your purchase)

More about the $39/month updates Click Here


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