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Annie Edmondson

Born in an artist family and in the midst of the technological generation, Annie found that designing websites was the best way to harness both her interests in art and modern technology. By the age of ten, Annie was already designing personal websites for her various interests including her family, pets and movies. After graduating high school and taking website design classes, she decided that she wanted to do something she loved, website design and marketing. Watching her father trying to balance painting, marketing, and website maintenance, she realized the need for someone to help artists out so that they could keep themselves painting without having to worry and devote their time to marketing and technical websites. When Annie isn’t designing artist websites and websites of her own, she’s busy reviewing the latest films and video games, keeping her furry child entertained, and catching up on the latest best-seller or latest celebrity gossip. Check out some of Annie's work on the other pages!



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