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  How Many Paintings Do I Need?

It is entirely up to you, we are willing to work with you and your needs.


How customizable can my website be?

Our websites are almost all completely customizable. If you can find what you're looking for on the Internet, send us the link and we will see if we can do what you ask. We do not encourage flash websites because they are not apple iPad and iPhone friendly.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your monthly maintenance anytime. Your website will stay hosted with us for up to one year after you cancel your subscription, then we will give you the information for you to host yourself.

Can I stop my subscription for a few months and resume later?

Yes you cancel anytime, but please do not stop and restart every few months.  Our reason for this is because while you were not subscribed with us, you will potentially have been busy painting and may have many more pieces for us to post which will be overwhelming for our staff if you suddenly resume subscription. The spirit of the maintenance program is an ongoing service to maintain your site, not something to be stopped and restarted over and over again.

What do I do if I already have a website?

If you already have a website, we suggest you hand it over to us so that we can keep it updated and set for search engines to find you better.

Can I get a discount if I only buy a few items such as a website and video but not a blog?

Our system is set up that you pay for the website, but you get the blog, Facebook page, YouTube channel, and video for free. If you already have some of these items we can try to replace them for something else. For example, if you already have a blog, we could set you up a twitter account or a pinterest account in place of the blog.

Can I change my theme if I decide I don't like it?

Yes you can change it. You are allowed one major change in the designing process. Unlimited minor changes are allowed in the setup period.


Should my pictures of paintings be framed or unframed?

It doesn't matter, you can send us images unframed or framed, it's up to you.

How fast until my stuff is up?

Once we have everything, it usually takes about one week.

Can you set me up Paypal buttons or a way for people to purchase my stuff online?

Due to a security issue, it is difficult to do that. We would need your account information and that just isn't a good idea.

Do I get my own domain?

Yes, once you sign up for our program, we will purchase a domain for you. We suggest selecting domains with a .com such as maryjones.com, maryjonesfineart.com, maryjonesstudio.com etc.

Why am I paying a monthly fee?

The monthly fee is for us to keep your art sites updated. When you have new pieces, we will make a blog post, a website page, a Facebook post, and create a video every 10 or more new paintings up to one per month.
Click here for more info.

If I cancel my subscription do I get to keep my website and stuff?

Yes, if you cancel, you will get to keep your blog, Facebook page, YouTube Chanel, and video. The website is a bit different because it is hosted with us. We will keep it hosted for one year after you cancel, then it will be up to you to find hosting. We will provide all the files for you.

What is the easy button?

The easy button is a great tool for you to use if you don't want to pick out each of your themes. Our team will pick a set of themes for the website, blog etc based on your art. Or team also offers their recommended sets that you can take a look at.


How do I submit my bio or artist statement, prices titles and sizes?

Just email you materials when you can and we will get it updated.


Can you keep up-dating my sites for me?

Yes we have a monthly maintenance program. Click here


What do I do if I want to change something on my sites?

Just let us know, we are here to make it easy for you.


What's the $39/month charge for?

This monthly feature is to ensure you that your website will constantly be updated with any new paintings that you have, works in progress, any news or updates you would like to share with your followers, and any other important changes you would like for us to do on your website...More on this Click Here



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