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$39/month- Monthly Updating and Promoting Your Sites

This monthly feature is to ensure you that your websites will constantly be updated with:

  • any new paintings that you have on your website/blog/facebook business page

  • works in progress

  • update demonstration pages

  • update and class/workshop pages

  • any news or updates you would like to share with your followers

  • other important changes you would like for us to do on your website

In addition to keeping your website up to date we will:

  • promote your website in our marketing efforts

  • Create a NEW video for you for every 10 paintings you send us

In the online world, in order to get known or to sell paintings, you need to have people coming to your website! Our team has years of online art marketing experience and will always update your sites to best reach as many people as we can get for you.

In addition to your website updates, we will also update your Facebook Fan Page, your blog, and also every 10 paintings you send us, you will receive a NEW video for your YouTube Channel.         

It's one thing to have a website, but it's another thing to have an updated, optimized website to best perform for gallery owners, prospective art collectors, friends, and family. Nobody wants to visit a website that isn't updated or never changes. People like to see new things, and that's what were going to do for you!

If you decide you don't want us to maintain your websites for you anymore, you can always quit at anytime.


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